Flag Counter confidence..

I spent some time in a bad place at 18,
wishing I could see something through clear eyes.
Do you ever wake up to realize
that your life is meaningless?
Does it give you strength or lead you to
your grave at a young age?


hey baby are you into 

broke unstable losers

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hey - could you recommend any diet pills to me? I saw you're taking the slimquick and green tea stuff and I'm wondering if it's worked for you. I'm 230lbs and desperate to lose weight, so far nothing else has worked.

Lemme just say real quick that diet pills only ruin your health. I’ve went through a pretty long period of using them (sometimes over using them), and there have been incidents in which I was near collapse or some sort of shaky seizure, and I wouldn’t recommend using diet pills to lose weight. Please eat everyday, just in small amounts and drink enough water.

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